About the Author

Jeanne Sumerix doesn't remember a time in her life when she wasn't a writer.
If she wasn't putting pen to paper, her characters were playing out stories
in her head. Writing multicultural has been a dream come true. Walking a
mile in someone else's shoes allows her to write realistic and down to earth
novels. Researching and seeking out information evident in other cultures,
not only enhances her knowledge and understanding, but is also a plus for
her readers.

As a writer, she draws on her professional background in business to create
characters who are unassailable, self-reliant, self-directed and successful,
yet who are also vulnerable.

Jeanne has been a member of Romance Writers of America for ten years. She
served as president of her local chapter for nine years. She is also a
member of World Romance Writers and Novelist Inc.
She lives in northern Michigan with her husband of forever.


My love for writing is genetic. My mom wrote, as did her parents and grandparents. My father didn't write! However his grandfather (Charles Taylor) owned and wrote the first newspaper in the small town where I live.

So it seemed natural for me to sit down and write a story. The stories play out in my head over and over until they can't wait to be born to paper. I am character driven. I see characters in my head and wonder what they are doing. I don't see what people are doing and then give them a character.

I write multicultural romances. With each novel I write I have the opportunity to walk a mile in another cultures shoes. I spend a good deal of time researching, interviewing and observing so that my characters come alive to me. For the time I'm writing a novel I am that person. I have learned and grown from writing these novels and hope to never stop doing either.

I live in a small village in Northern Michigan. Eight generations ago my ancestors were one of the first to settle here. When I was a younger person I couldn't believe how hard my parents, relatives and friends fought to keep industry out, but now I know why. We have a quaint refuge in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. One where if you close your eyes and listen carefully you will hear very little of the modern world. I love living in a place where we know all about modern technology, and still choose to chat at the coffee shop or the post office.